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Minesweeper is a classic puzzle game where the player has to uncover cells on a grid. However, the players must avoid revealing mines, or they may lose the game. Uncovering an empty cell reveals the number of mines in the surrounding 8 squares. The goal is to uncover every cell in the grid, except for the mines. 

Minesweeper With Friends is a cooperative 3D implementation of the game, where the money functions as the player's health. Players can earn more money by solving the puzzle and give each-other money to keep them in the game. In addition, experienced players can teach others how to solve advanced minesweeper problems using the flags and their 3D character. Only those who work together will be fast enough to earn a new high score!

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when will this be finished? i want to play it already with my friends haha

i was at the comic con and i played this game, its really fun but a bit laggy